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Max puts the finishing touches on our sign.

I will try to keep this up the best I can.  Time does not allow doing everything I would like. We will be putting recent field news and photos on this page.  I apologize for any errors I may make and will correct them if you notify me.  If you have any news, email me at     Thanks, RonJ



Vic and Family meet the "Amigos" at the Field for a Family Flyin!

 Good Winds   The Clan Gathers..   ........ Is my plane up there? Naw, here it is!  

I'm Beautiful!   Wow, Look there!   Dave Takes Off!   Man in Full Control!   Perfect Landing!  

Sarah's Big Cub   Women Rule!   Img258.png   Who's in Control!!   Img261.png 

Img267.png  Img268.png   Img269.png   



August 5-6, 2006

After a long hot spell, several of the members came out to the field to fly this weekend.  Many thanks to Dave K. who came out early on Saturday and mowed the field himself!!(Steve is on vacation).  We had so much fun!  I put some new photos of the flying Sunday on the site.  If you haven't seen them, follow this LINK.  Having been gone a lot this summer, I've got to sharpen up before the Fun Fly in September, lest you see what a poor flyer I am!  Hope to see you all out there this week or soon.   RonJ



June, 2006

   The Field is in good shape and ready for flying!  The field has been mowed a couple of times and rolled at least once.  Many thanks to Steve S and Dave K for their work.  The port-a-potty is installed and may be opened by the standard gate key.  The flight channel pin box is opened by the combination lock.  The combination is the lowest channel and the highest channel we use in flight RC.

   Lenny and I were out Sunday April 30, and flew his "TameCat" plane.  The plane flew well, as most of Lenny's planes do, but may need slightly more power.  Dave K and Alan were out and flew their favorite warbirds.  Dave K brought out a trainer plane that he rescued from the trash of a neighbor.  He finished the framed plane and covered it beautifully.  Lenny and I began chanting from our peanut gallery, "We want to see the trainer fly!".  So Dave wowed us by flying the plane, screaming across the runway at 4ft as fast as the bird could go.  Go Dave Go!  You're the Man!

   Ben H has started flying with me.  He made his first flight in a while last week.  He is getting his plane in shape and will be boning up on the RealFlight flight simulator.

   Bill K and Leroy were out last week and despite wind conditions made several good flights.  Both are excellent flyers and are worth watching!

   Hope to see you out there soon!  RonJ


If You have Photos you would like to share on this site, Please         Send your favorites to or Call me.

Some shots from September 2005 FUN FLY!!!

2005 ff pavilion copy.png  Img136.png  Img141.png  Img143.png  Img146.png  Img148.png  Img150.png

Dave K, the club chief chef prepared the meal and members enjoyed his cooking again.  Many thanks to Dave and to the several members that attended and gave great demonstrations of good flying!.  I will give more details as soon as possibly, hopefully today Monday the 19th.

September 16  As you can see by the photo of Max's Plane below, the field is very dry.  We will probably get some rain in September.  But the field is still in good flying shape.  Lenny and I have been really enjoying going out there together.  I was out one day with my "U-Can-Do 3D"(or in my case U-Can't-Do 3D) and was lucky enough to see Bob C and Bill K out there.  Bill had a "U-Can-Do 3D just like mine and by watching him and turning down my throws a lot, was able to get the U-Can-Do 3D under control a little.  It is a hand full to handle with too much throws in.  I have only flown the plane 4 times.  Need practice.

September 9 maxs taube-2.png  It was good to see Max at the field Friday September 9 and brought his Taube.  If you've not seen this plane, you are missing a treat.  This little beauty features fabric covering and a great sounding FS engine.  I've said before that a plane this good looking does not even need to fly, but in fact this plane does fly good and is very scale looking when flying.



August 22, 2005

Note:  Thanks to Vic, we have a very nice bulletin board with a nice calendar!  See the "WebMaster" Page for more details.!


Friday Flash! 8-26-05:Club Flyer Attacks tree with Cessna...       Tree Won...or did it?

Img21.png Img28.png Img30.png Img111.png cessna in tree-eddie helps.png Img53.png Img57.png 

aubrey11.pngPhotos by Aubrey Liston :                                                                                                                                As shown by the above pictures, flyer Lenny had another confrontation with the club trees.  The Cessna became securely lodged in branches approximately 40ft high in the tree.  We were completely baffled as how to get plane down and had written the beautifully flying Cessna off.  Suddenly up drove two delightful young men with a utility truck, and seeing our dilemma, proceeded to get a ladder from their truck and climb the tree. After climbing another 16ft above ladder, the young man in white protective suit started down with plane, but was having difficulty climbing down tree with only one free hand.  Lenny asked him to just drop it, fearing the young man might fall, but the man refused.  Whereupon, Eddie S. climbed to the top of ladder, and was able to grab the plane and bring it down.  Amazingly, the bird suffered only minor dents and cuts.  Even more wonderful, after examining the plane and deciding it still airworthy, Lenny started the plane, took it off and made a Good Landing!!  And in all the excitement, we never even got the two fellows' names.  Lenny tried desperately to reward them but they refused.  It is so refreshing, that in this day and age when people don't seem to care much about each other, that two strangers would stop and help a couple of senior citizens in their desperate need.  May the God of all flying fields bless them with happiness and success all the rest of their days.  And many thanks to Eddie.  Without his efforts, the Cessna probably would not have survived.  Weather permitting the beautiful bird will be at the field on Monday!  P.S. Note..  and It Was!

Eddie's Mean Green Machine      So good to see Eddie at the field again!  He has been laid up for a couple months with     a broken foot.   Welcome back Eddie and thanks so much for your help!

vic's cessna skylane-2-21.png

Here is Victor with his beautiful Cessna.  I have said before, a plane that looks this good does not even have to fly, but I watched Vic fly this one, and it flies great!


 Lenny holds his favorite Cessna after a recent unplanned landing atop a 30 ft tree.  You can't keep a good man (or plane) down!


The Most exciting news this month is the return of Roger B to the flying field!  After a very difficult late winter and spring, Roger visited the field on "Gray Eagles" day (Thursday's) a couple of times visiting with some of the guys there.  Then on Sunday July the 31th Roger brought a plane and flew, much to the delight of fellow members!  Congratulations Roger! 

Pat  New member, Pat M.  has been learning to fly late Sunday afternoons, and on August 6th, made his first landings!  Good Job Pat.!

 lenny & ron w new plane-2.png Project Engineer, Lenny & Ron J have successfully flown their project plane with extra wing.  the plane flies very well on both wings.  The fabric covering is great. Plane flies true and is considerably acrobatic on the semi-symmetrical wing.

dave's twin-2 at 72 pixels per inch1.png  Dave K is submitting his favorite Twin for publication in a future issue of Model Airplane News.  Yea Dave!  Click on image to see a picture of his latest screamer the Sukhoi.  A special thanks to Dave for fixing the latest gate lock damage done by others.  (not our members)


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