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August 2007:  Here are some new photos and videos from the 2007 flying season!

The summer hot weather took it's toll on our grass CLICK HERE

Dave Kosco demonstrates the safe way to start a glow engine CLICK HERE


August 6, 2006:  After a long hot spell, the "Flying Amigos" head for the field!

Img152.png   The Flying Amigos arrive at  Field    With the    Img162.png

Img169.png   Bronko on final   Bronko Lands                Dave takes the  

Img197.png   Img200.png   Img203.png    Img149.png with Jim and Sarah are bringing it in..

  Img156.png   Img160.png   The Amigos  -1   The Amigo's  +1 

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September 2005 Fun Fly Photos

  Pavillion hangout Lunch Break Start it up! Preparing the Taube  Img175.png  Take Cover!  

 Lenny's Craftmanship  Img183.png 

2005 Photos from the field

 Max's Taube       Vic's Cessna Skylane  Dave Klein's Spitfire    Alan's Messersmitt BF109 Eddie's Green Machine


 Club Mascot Dave Kosko's Sukhoi Dave's Favorite Twin Img5.png   See Cessna in Tree! story.


Photos from Bob Chase's trip to WarBirds over Delaware

Warbirds Hanger 1  Img123.png  Img126.png  Img131.png 

B-17 Ride

 Ground Officer    Refueling Fuddy Duddy   outside waist gunner   RonJ at waist Gun  bombay area

Out the waist gunner   Out the Pilot's windo   Pilot Area  RonJ after ride   RonJ-Ryan-Troy

 Osh Kosh

  Birds Eye View  Main Gate  SpaceShip One  B-25 Panchito   F-86 Flyby  

 P-40 front Osh Kosh    P-40 side Osh Kosh  Vince at P-40 Osh Kosh   Fake build your own P-40   P-51D     

Img73.png   Kyle and Ryan   1941 Ford  Img84.png  Img81.png    

  SpaceShip One at 800  SpaceShip One at 1000   SpaceShip One at 600


  Dave K's Avenger    Roger B's L-14 Cub  Img71.png   Img79.png   Img80.png

  Img83.png   Img108.png   Img109.png   Img110.png   The Lucky Hat  Raffle Prizes 

  Women Fly Too!   Img118.png  

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