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Founded by Steve Smith in 1992, The WrightFlyers club is located in Randallstown, MD.  We are an associate member of the Department of Recreation and Parks of Baltimore County.

The WrightFlyers provides a top-notch Radio Control Flying Field and member support.  Our purpose is to promote the building and flying of R/C miniature aircraft.

Our club name honors the memory of the famous Wright Brothers, Wilbur and Orville whose outstanding engineering achievements in the field of aviation proved that mankind could and was destined to fly in heavier than air machines.  On December 17, 1903 the two men were successful in getting their invention to fly. 

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise The WrightFlyers has established a relationship with our community and the Department of Recreation and Parks of Baltimore County in Maryland.  We appreciate their support.

The field is located on a capped landfill off of Furman Lane in the Randallstown area of Baltimore MD. The access gate to the field (on Furman Lane) is locked so you must make arragements with a club member for entrance. Here is a aerial view of the field.

Here is a link to Map Quest for directions to the field. Click Here

We meet on the last Tuesday of each month at the Herndon School in Randallstown.  We invite you to join us at that time.  For directions, you may follow this link.  Click Here

If you would like to CONTACT THE CLUB,Click Here to send a message to the Webmaster